Elusiv is a blockchain-based, zero-knowledge privacy protocol enabling users and applications to access universal encryption. Elusiv utilizes zk-SNARKS for private transactions and decentralized compliance solutions, creating a symbiosis between privacy and compliance. This overcomes a central Web3 pain point: ensuring privacy remains a human right without sacrificing security, safety, and decentralization.

Why Elusiv?

Privacy is fundamental for a free and open society. The UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and many other official treaties recognize privacy as a fundamental right. However, our current digital paradigm (also referred to as Web2) has made this incredibly difficult to maintain. Centralized entities that own and manage many digital services accessed today expose user data, subjecting them to surveillance, manipulation, and monetization. Without privacy, we risk a future where our lives are commodified, decisions are made for us, and democracies collapse due to the erosion of individual sovereignty.

Blockchains are decentralized, removing intermediaries that may exploit user data. This provides a strong basis for individual empowerment and community-driven ecosystems. However, they are inherently public, which is especially alarming when used at scale and would only perpetuate the deficiencies of Web2. The missing element? You guessed it - privacy.

Problem solved, right? Not so fast. Although this challenge is being tackled by numerous projects in the Web3 space, there is one question.

How does Elusiv achieve privacy in Web3 without sacrificing security, safety, and decentralization?

Firstly, there have been some unfortunate attempts to exploit well-intentioned privacy protocols for illicit activities, most notably Tornado Cash. This privacy-preserving solution was deemed illegal due to the actions of a few taking away a fundamental right of many.

Secondly, it has been a challenge to achieve user privacy in a decentralized setting without sacrificing a network's safety and security. Permissioned processes like KYC have long been used to verify users and uphold integrity within a system. Yet, this is centralized and requires users to expose sensitive personal information, which is disempowering and feeds the beast we call surveillance capitalism.

This is why we are building Elusiv, ushering in a new era for our digital world that is:

  • Universally Encrypted: Elusiv applies advanced zero-knowledge cryptography and multi-party computation to the user and network. As a result, users' data is fully private while networks can still uphold integrity, security, and compliance.

  • Private by choice: Universal encryption creates holistic privacy. Elusiv provides tools that enable users to control their data, allowing them to choose what gets shared and what doesn't.

  • Empowering society: Privacy is fundamental to a free, open, and prosperous society. Combining universal privacy guarantees with blockchain and Web3's decentralized nature, our digital world can empower individuals and communities for generations.


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